I designed the first Plattenkreisel in 2003 and I’ve been very happy with it since this new super toy entered my apartment. Soon the idea was born to share this lifelong rackord heaven with others. As co-owner of Munich’s premier nightclub The Atomic Café for almost 20 years I just didn’t have enough time. Fully satisfying customers for such a very special piece of furniture would have needed all my attention and acting as designer at the Atomic for interior and promotional matters brought enough creative self-fulfillment.

The Atomic Café /// http://www.atomic.de (It looks very 1997 because we were the first club in our area with its own website. People fell in love with that straightforward googie layout over the years, so we decided to keep it).


Gentrification is not only a NYC phenomenon, so the Atomic had to leave its venue at the end of 2014 and we both concluded to let the club die as a legend rather than trying to imitate it in another location. In addition to this I have been father of a little junior since the end of 2013. I took the break as a good chance to quit active nightlife after 25 years and to do a sabbatical to realign, relax and travel with my family.


But every sabbatical comes to an end. Having been an avid record collector since I was 9 years old, I never wanted this passion to be just my hobby. So I decided to once again go professional with what fits best: helping people to enjoy the music they like at a place they love. Casual press and social media feedback on my prototype in the last years had been great; so we began to rework some details in need of improvement and to create an updated perfect version for customers to buy from summer 2017 on:


The Plattenkreisel holds up to about 2200 45s plus 800 LPs or up to 1600 LPs plus 400 45s.

It will be heavy duty handcrafted by the best cabinetmakers of Bavaria, with Morado veneer or varnish in the desired color. There will also be a version with priming only for everybody who wants to create their own special Plattenkreisel; the latter makes sense, if you want the finish to be made by your favorite local artist or craftsman. – e.g. let a graffiti artist or your kids do the job, or stick it all over with Lego cubes or diamonds

The front desk offers space for up to two Technics 1210 turntables plus one mixer the size of the Pioneer 900 both as usual setup and as hip hop setup rotated through 90°. The Plattenkreisel is not designed only for DJs but for audiophile connoisseurs as well – the shelf looks just as upscale as your beloved phono equipment and its circular shape is a good breaker of escalating sound waves in any room.

Below the desk is a lot of space you can customize for your individual requirements – amp, monitoring, aux, fridge, etc… . there are two exchangeable metal-units beside the desk, one for holding your headphones and one for your beverage.

customized higher version will be available for all, who prefer standing while spinning.

Divided into six elements it comes in proper packaging with installation manual and required tools for assemblage.

The whole rack is equipped with sufficient hidden cable ducts and hidden adjustable feet to compensate flatness imperfections of your floor.


If you like our nerdy brainchild, please give Plattenkreisel your social media support on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… (Don’t get bemused by looking at the pictures of the 2003 prototype you can find around the net – this first version was constructed for just one turntable, so my later requirement to use two turntables and a mixer led to a subsequent improvisation. The new Plattenkreisel offers far more space for your equipment as described above.)

For non-insta-members /// http://www.pictaram.com/user/plattenkreisel/3073080258 (insta-web viewer for all browsers).


Our website will be ready in summer 2017. It will provide high resolution photographs of the Plattenkreisel 2.0 from all angles and detailed answers to all of your questions about customizing, materials, surfaces, payment, worldwide shipping etc. And of course we’ll maintain personal contact (in English or German) to every customer.

At take-off there will be an assortment of further unseen vinyl record related furniture & tools under the same brand. Those will be pleasant alternatives or additions to our brand’s flagship.

Website under construction /// http://www.plattenkreisel.com

If you want to pre-order, please use the email in the contact section. Pre-ordering is not contracting, it just ensures you with a number on the waiting list which we have to keep, because we are a relatively small craft enterprise.

Flying higher for decades to come!

Roland Schunk (aka Rod Skunk)